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Alpha SX7000 Plus

The Alpha SX7000 Plus treasure hunter cloud is an exclusive product of AlphaDetector company that is able to penetrate to a depth of 5 to 8 meters. The advantage of this device over other competitors is its high penetration 4-way scanning capability and Just Gold resolution, which, if compared to the best female dot and scanning brands in the world, is the result of the multiplier performance of this device along with its affordable price. .

The reason for the low price of this product is that it is a company and is designed and assembled by several reputable companies in Greece, Turkey and Iran. The reason for providing a two-year warranty and service for this metal detector is the use of American and German brand parts. If you pay attention to the different options of this device, you will notice that it is designed and built for different regions of Iran, which can be adjusted from north to south, east to west for any type of soil and climate, and therefore in the years The latter has made it one of the most popular point-and-shoot devices in Iran.

This model of Talaiab is one of the few devices whose price is much lower than its efficiency, and it is noteworthy that in the full-pack model of this device, in addition to the point and scan, the operator will also have a professional female radius and cavity. It will not be to another system


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Scan Taken From Objects By Alpha SX7000

Gold Bullion

Golden Dagger

Oxidized Copper

Gold Dish

Gold Coin

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